Head of Technical Documentation

This role is remote and location agnostic. Full time or paid via grant.

About this role:

This role is suitable for a technical writing expert with an unrelenting & uncompromising passion for truly decentralized and trustless infrastructure. Working with a team of senior software engineers and the founders, you will ensure that non-blockchain developers are converted into smart-contract developers and experienced smart-contract developers have the documentation required to comprehend how to build the next-generation of truly decentralized applications.

Your work will be the primary reference point for all developers integrating with Flare Networks and form the base content for the portals / platforms.

Flare Networks cares deeply about developer experience, both for the users and engineering talent.

Your impact:

-Make Flare Networks easy to use by creating useful content for large communities of developers and everyday users.

-Exceptional communication ability and solid technical competence that translates into engaging & compelling developer portals / experiences.

-Push Flare Networks forwards by determining new standards to deliver, author, analyze, and interact with technical content.

-Lead strategy to ensure all documentation is exceptionally curated and easily discoverable.

-Maintain quality by contributing via tools and processes that make documentation and software development more efficient, scalable, and collaborative.

-Communicate across engineering, product, and marketing teams to make recommendations regarding the design and implementation of Flare Networks.

-Design, write, and update user guides, developer documentation, API references, and sample code.

-Develop strong relationships with internal & external stakeholders.

How to be a stand-out candidate:

-You have written technical documents for L1 protocols or highly technical blockchain companies before or for an industry defining Web 2.0 platform.

-Open-source software background.

-You are a wizard with Gitlab and other developer portals.

-Previously worked as a Software Engineer or have completed academic studies into software engineering, ideally within Blockchain.

-Experience with Solidity, Typescript, and/or Golang.

-History of working in start-ups and with early-stage products moving from MVP to deployment.

-Strong ability to create strong compelling narratives within highly technical documents.

-Experience working with cross-functional teams including designers, researchers, and engineers.

-Experience creating automated documentation tools.

-You are autonomous in your work. You understand the end goals and the strategy to reach them.

-Native English language and others are a bonus.

-Able to quickly iterate and improve.

-Perpetual learner and teacher.

Flare Networks stack: JavaScript, Rust, and/or Solidity or a keen interest in learning new languages

We ask that you overlap some working hours with GMT. English is essential, other languages are a bonus.

More info: https://gitlab.com/flarenetwork/flare

Recent press:

Flare Network raises $11.3m Funding Round

XRP holders airdrop

Songbird launch

Why consider Flare Network?

1. Backed by the best-investors within Web3 and experiencing hyper-growth (40k+ native wallet installs and over 340 validators / data providers applied to be whitelisted within weeks of launching the canary network Songbird.

2. September 17th 2021, Flare Network launched the canary network Songbird.

3. A key differentiator for Flare Networks is that it is built into the codebase to be able to digest the state of other networks, giving special powers to the system that handles this that no other 'plugin' style system on Ethereum has access to.

4. Flare has developed an adaptation of Federated Byzantine Agreement, enabling Turing-complete contracts on any native blockchain without the requirement for Proof of Stake or Work. Freeing up value to get to work across the 3 main protocols as well as the other Dapps being developed across the ecosystem:

a. State-connector protocol is purpose-built for safely interpreting the state of all underlying chains. Enabling Flare to attain the existence, validity and ordering of any transaction from any underlying blockchain. The ability to prove these properties about any transaction from any chain is available freely to all Dapps on Flare, including the F-asset protocol for representing assets from other networks directly onto Flare.

b. Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) completes the protocols and provides externally sourced data estimates to the Flare Network in a decentralised manner. It does so by leveraging the distributed nature of the network and its participants.

Flareā€™s development team features experts from the worlds of electronic engineering, distributed systems, quantum computing, mathematics, computer science, quantitative finance , risk management and marketing.

Please get in touch asap if you are interested in discussing this role.

Email: [email protected]