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Start building

Following genesis on July 14th 2022, Flare is open for builders. Take advantage of the power of the State Connector and the Flare Time Series Oracle to bring accurate prices and data from other blockchains to your dapp. Grants are available to developers making innovative use of these new technologies.

If you already know what you would like to build, please get in touch. We also have a weekly Developer Q&A session on Discord at 15:00 UTC every Wednesday. If you have any questions about Flare Technology, we'll see you there.

State Connector

The State Connector allows Flare to come to consensus on the state of any blockchain, and for those proofs to be used in smart contracts or relayed to another chain in a trustless, decentralized manner.

It’s faster and safer than any existing approach, such as light client relays and multi-sig schemes, and has been designed to integrate with any other blockchain.

Other solutions either require trust in centralized third parties, or they force other chains to conform to their standards — in effect changing the independent chain’s protocol and code so they can communicate. By contrast, the State Connector can directly validate state correctness and withstand safety and liveness attacks on connected chains, all without requiring a centralized third party.

The State Connector is the first consensus protocol purpose built for external blockchain data

Flare Time Series Oracle

The Flare Time Series Oracle, also known as the “FTSO”, provides rapidly updating, reliable and decentralized time series data to applications on the Flare network, while simultaneously earning rewards for FLR token delegators and an income for Data Providers.

It is Flare’s solution to the difficult challenge of acquiring off-chain time series data, such as cryptocurrency prices or economic data, but without incurring the risk of relying on a centralized entity to provide that data on-chain.

Time series data is data whose value varies over time. At launch, only cryptocurrency price data will be supported, such as the DOGE/USD and BTC/USD price pairs. Other time series data such as stock market prices, inflation data, housing starts, commodity prices, weather data and many others can be added to the network at a later date. FTSO data is currently updated every three minutes. Future versions of the FTSO may shorten this interval.

Once processed through the FTSO, this data can be used by decentralized applications built on Flare, for example to calculate a transaction price or the required collateral needed for an asset. Safety mechanisms are embedded to prevent monopolies and collusion, and updates to the FTSO are planned to enable the system to handle 1000s of data providers and 1000s of different data series.

Decentralized Data Providers feed the Flare Time Series Oracle with rapidly updating price data